Disaster turns into a ton of fun at Bike America Bike Shop

This past weekend was absolute blast, you’ve always have to like 60+ degree weather when you have four hour rides. Plus riding with the group from Gusto’s Coffee Shop makes a Saturday ride even more enjoyable. Then to end the Saturday evening my parents and I meet Rick and Sherry over at Kent and Kelly’s for some good BBQ.

Mavic Busted Spoke

Then Sunday I met up with the gang at Gusto’s for the Jacomo Classic ride. As I was enjoying the friendly ride about 20 miles out it happened; Pop! My back wheel had blown a spoke and locked up the bike. So I did what anyone would have done in that situation and called wheel support. Good news was my dad was on his way with a fresh pair of wheels; the bad news was that it would be an hour long wait. However, I didn’t have to wait an hour all alone. Rick, Kent, and Kelly were nice enough to stay and wait for me, and I really appreciated it, which made the time go by even faster. So when my dad finally arrived he swapped the wheels out and just like that we were off to do another three hours.

So now its Monday and after school on Mondays I typically go and tutor some of the students that need some extra help for about thirty minutes at which point my dad comes and picks me up and informs me that we are on our way to the Bike America Bike Shop to fix the wheel and what could be better on your day off the bike than to go into a shop full of awesome bikes and gear, right?

So once we arrive I immediately picked up a new BMX bike and went to town rolling around the shop. As my dad talks to the BA crew about the wheel I then notice that the shop got some new gear so I decided I would do a little test drive kinda thing.

Bike America Bike Shop Test Drive

Anyway, an hour later, and some funny conversations with David, we learn that the wheel will be ready in a week or so, which sucks but the cool thing was that Kevin was nice enough to lend me one of his Bontrager wheels for the time being, which by the way was really cool. After that we said our goodbyes to the gang and headed home. That leaves me with some time for homework and chow time.

David Hunter Bike America Bike Shop Lees Summit

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