Surprise, surprise! Half day of school and bonus’ galore, not a bad Wednesday after all

Wednesday started out great! Its always fun to get to school and find out you have a half day. Not to mention that during the half day I wasConnor Brown pulled out of class to find out that I had lettered in academics and made the principle’s honor roll for my high school. I’m certainly not tooting my own horn, its just cool since I worked hard to earn it, that’s all.

When I told my parents this they were so happy that my Dad took me over to Bike America and said I could get a pair of sunglasses that I had my eye on for a while now. And I have to say well done to Optic Nerve for making a comfortable, slick, ventilated, awesome pair of sunglasses. These sunglasses are very undervalued compared to what the sunglasses have to offer to a rider or any one who does a sport that needs a pair of nice affordable sunglasses. When I first put them on about two weeks ago I fell in love with them instantly. I had been looking for a pair of new sunglasses that were both amazing looking and perfect for the extreme sport cycling is.

Optic Nerve

So after purchasing the rocking sunglasses and David tuning up the front derailleur I was headed home to get my ride in. Sadly the weather today did not wanted to cooperate with me so I did my ride on the rollers. Connor Brown

In order to keep myself occupied I hooked the laptop up and decided to watch the latest episode of the Shark Tank. That show was awesome as always. I enjoy watching it to see what new interesting things someone had created and then to see how the “sharks” would tear apart each ones business to find every nook and cranny of weakness they might be hiding. Its pretty sad to watch the excuses that the entrepreneur’s would come up with to justify the unwanted facts about the business.

After the enjoyable recovery ride on the rollers it was time for dinner. My Mom had spruced up a lovely meal of fresh fish, rice, and fresh steamed green beans which tasted great, well done! Now I am off to do my chemistry homework and then I will enjoy the rest of my evening.

Tomorrow is a TT day for me, so I’ll see some of you out there, weather permitting of course.


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