Plotting my next Strava KOM; Tim Fleenor, your days are numbered on the NW Chipman Climb

Finally it’s Friday and what better way to start your weekend of long rides then to start with a short one. I only did an hour easy today but it was a very enjoyable ride. I always like to go out and just get lost on the bike for an hour and just ponder to myself. Which is why cycling is so awesome because its relaxing and freeing. Plus there’s nothing better than getting home after a long boring day and riding.

But the best part was that the day before my shifters on the bike got a complete overhaul. I’m talking cleaned, brand new cables, the works. Seriously the bike shifts way smoother now, making the ride way more enjoyable, and I got new bottle cages and tape. I wanted something a bit different though this time, so in order to make the bike pop I decided the tape and bottle cages would be green.

Connor Brown

So for my hour ride a decided I would do the loop around Longview Lake. I really enjoy that route because it gives you a bit of everything that you want in a ride in under an hour. Average long climbs, false flats, rolling hills, etc. All of these help to keep the ride interesting.

While I was out riding I was thinking about which hill I wanted to try and get the KOM on Strava next. The conclusion I came to was NW Chipman climb. The current King of the mountain is Tim Fleenor with a time of one minute seventeen seconds. Its a pretty nasty climb with an average gradient around about 7.7%. My goal is to de-throne Tim and take the King of the mountain. It will be fun to see what happens next time I get some intervals and take a crack at it.

For tomorrow I am going to meet up with Garrick Valverde and Ben Stover to pre-ride the Velotek Gp road race. It will be a ton of fun to get to hook up with these great riders. If you want to check tomorrows ride out you can follow me on Strava.

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