Spent the Day Doing Recon on the Upcoming Velotek Grand Prix

Today was awesome. I went over to Lawrence Kansas where I met up with Garrick Valverde, Ben Stover, and Joe Schmalz. The orderConnor Brown, Garrick Valverde, Joe Schmalz, Ben Stover of the day was to go and recon the Velotek Grand Prix road race and prologue, to see what was to come on the cat two/three race next weekend.

Once we got out to the course it was pretty apparent that this was going to be a hard course for everyone, but that’s how  I like it. With long climbs and windy false flats this course won’t disappoint. The best part is that it ends with a long uphill climb perfect for someone like me.

Great story to share: While we were riding we came up on an empty gallon jug were Joe decided he was going to try and flatten it or something like that. But what happened was that when he brought the wheel down on it the jug didn’t even dent it but instead sent Joe flying at a 45 degree angle. Joe literally went tabletop for a brief second and somehow and I mean somehow he pulled out of it. I’m still scratching my head how he pulled that off.

Watching this go down had us all cracking up and was probably one of the funniest things that I have ever seen happen on a bike and of course the reaction Joe had after this happened was priceless, after he collected himself., Joe looked at everyone and said; “I did not expect that!” No kidding, right?

So after a long laugh and finishing the road race course we decided we were going to check out the prologue and I must say I love uphill prologues! It’s certainly my opinion but an uphill prologue should be a standard for every stage race. As for this one though I really like it. It starts out with a little riser but rapidly starts to increase the gradient; really making you regret you ever dared to climb it.

Connor Brown, Joe Schmalz, Garrick Valverde, Ben Stover

All in all it was an outstanding day. I really enjoyed getting to hang out with the guys, plus the weather was perfect. Now it’s about preparing myself for the Velotek Grand Prix which will be my final tune up for Joe Martin. As for tomorrow, I have another four hours to ride and it should be pretty subdued.  

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