Snake Alley Needs To Change Their Starting Format Before I’ll Ever Race There

It has been brought to my attention recently that the Snake Alley crit has a different way of starting racers. The way they appear to be snake alleystarting racers is by registration, which is total bullox. Why should I be forced to the back of the pack just because I would like to at least check to see that there wouldn’t be any severe weather before I dish out the cash and travel to Iowa? Seriously there is no way that I’m going to pay to start at the back of a race that is determined in the first lap due to a climb that only has room for about three people. As much as I would like to go I will not pay and travel to go and beat my bike up on the cobbled climb unless I am given a fair chance to win.

If Snake Alley wants to have a unique way of starting racers that’s fine, but maybe they should find a different and a more ethical way of starting? For example instead of starting by registration you could start it by the best rider rankings. At least that way the serious contenders get to start in the front and won’t slow the pack down on the climb. That would probably eliminate a good portion of the bunching that goes on the climb and people will be less likely to have to un-clip and walk the climb. Not to mention the better and more skilled riders will be able to stay out of the mess of the mid pack crashes. Think about it…they have call ups all the time in the pros why not do it in this race?

snake alley crashIn my opinion I think the organizers of Snake Alley do this on purpose  in order to get you to spend your money as fast as you can. Its apparent that they care more about money than they do about racing plain and simple. So until they fix this issue, I will not be attending the Snake Alley race.

Anyways today I have a rest day so I get to hang out with the Boss-man (my dog) and recover for tomorrows Tuesday Night Worlds crit. It should be good action tomorrow so if you can I would definitely recommend that you come out and ride. Its a ten dollar entry fee and the Pro to Cat 3 (A group) takes off at about 6:15.

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