Tuesday Night Worlds…Tuesday Night Taco’s; Its All Good!

Tuesday is one of my favorite days of the week. It’s the little in between the week break of racing that I need to get my fix in. Plus I get to practice tactics with my friend and teammate Kenny Englert.

So after a long wait to six fifteen we finally got started, with a group of about twelve guys, tonight was sure to be fun. After a lap or two I could start to feel the time to attack was coming and Kenny got the same feeling as well. So the next lap Kenny made a move on the hill and I jumped with him. Sprinting as fast as we could I looked back briefly to see what kind of chaos we had ensued. What I saw was a very large gap that we had put on them on the hill. It was cool because we kinda looked like two Philippe Gilberts on the Cauberg. At the thought of this I began to laugh as we were still sprinting.

Although we had a big gap we were unable to keep it very long for it was all brought back after a long downhill section of the course. The second we were brought back Shadd Smith and Garrick Valeverde, two heavy hitters, countered us. It was a perfect move because at that time it caught me off guard and I was still on the front. But I was able to chase them down to about six seconds ahead of us. At thaTuesday Night Tacost point I flicked my elbow to give the ok for Kenny to come around but no one came. I looked back and Kenny was know were to be found. as we came around the gap had grown to about fifteen seconds and there was Kenny walking his bike back shouting at me “I flatted!”

The next problem I had was two of Garricks teammates were sitting on my wheel and I knew right there that I was not catching this break. So I decided I would not work knowing I had a race this weekend there was no point to burn any matches.

So I sat in and jumped with every attack that Velotek would come at me with. Lap after lap would go by until we would finale hear one to go. At this point I was thinking how I was going to handle a two on one situation. Once we hit the last corner it was time for a sprint so I hit it and was beat at the line by one of the other riders. All in all it was a fun ride but sucked that Kenny flatted but what can you do.

After the ride I went to Mi Ranchito for some chips and salsa along with some tacos. Tomorrow will be an easy ride to recover so I can bring everything I got at the Velotek Grand Prix.

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