Dreaming About More Watts with Less Work Vs. More Comfort Resulting In More Efficient Power Output

I think I can speak on behalf of every cyclist and say that bad weather sucks! But that the  Midwest for you; one day its beautiful 75 degrees out and the next its a rainy/foggy 47 degrees. So because of this I had to succumb to the rollers for an easy hour of spinning the legs. Its always good to take one day out of the week before a race to spin and flush all of the bad stuff out of the legs.

While I was riding I started to think about the debate between road bikes and aero bikes and it really got me interested into looking into Propel Advanced SL 0 ISP_blueaero bikes to see what their all about. Basically, I wanted to find out the distinct differences between the two. So after some research using the Giant Propel Advanced SL and the Giant TCR Advanced SL both 2013 models,  I came to the conclusion that the Giant Propel is a way more aerodynamic bike, as you would certainly expect, providing you with more watts with less work.

But the Giant TCR is a bit more stiffer and a more comfortable ride. So you have to take into consideration that the more comfortable you are the more natural watts you will throw down. The dilemma I see is that every test that I’ve looked at points to the fact that the Propel blows the TCR out of the water so you would think the pro teams would be putting that to use, right?

The weird thing is that the pro teams such as Blanco aren’t really using these aero bikes at all. This leads me to two possible reasons for this:

  1. The aero bikes are a lot more expensive than regular road bikes.
  2. Aero bikes are kind of like disc brakes, they are just hard to integrate into the pro field.

In the end it kinda comes down to each individual person. What works for me might not work for you. So keep that in mind when you looking for a bike.

Fleche Wallonne went down today and I was rooting for Gilbert to win. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case today and we saw another surprise winner take the stage. It was definitely cool to see Daniel Moreno make an awesome move to take the win.

Daniel Moreno

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