Honk If You’ve Never Seen A Gun Fired From A Bicycle

Well I couldn’t really take another day training inside on the rollers, so I decided to bite the bullet and go outside regardless of how wet and cold it seemed. Its kind of funny how I was training outside all winter in 15 degree weather and was fine but now after a few days of decent weather, the moment it drops into high 30’s its freezing. Plus the wind today didn’t help the cause for what was supposed to be an easy two hour ride. But as the old saying goes; “it all just puts hair on your chest, kid.”

Anyway while I was riding I was rudely interrupted by a white suburban that buzzed me going down Pryor Rd. It was so closeBuzzed by a vehicle that if I would have flicked my elbow the car would have hit me and I would have ended up like the picture on the right. Isn’t that just ridiculous? I get so pissed off when these bozos think nothing about potentially killing someone. When are we cyclist going to get tired of these morons pulling stunts like this and getting away with it? Seriously, I know I’m not the only one who is fed up with how these drivers treat cyclist am I?

I have a potential solution: So how does one solve this problem? simple really. I think we should all be allowed to carry a firearm while riding. See I’m all for fire arms as long as we have screwed up people in this world and I believe we should be allowed to protect ourselves, especially since these nut-bags are using a dangerous weapon to scare us off the roads. Am I wrong? Its kind of like wielding a gun or knife at someone and then walking away like its your right to do it. So think about it, the next time somebody buzzes you, wouldn’t it be great if you could simply pull out your fire arm and put a couple of caps in the rear of their vehicle. I’m thinking they probably wont don’t that again.

What do you think? We can start our own organization called CRAP; which stands for the Cyclist Rifle Association Program. We will be selling jerseys this weekend if you’re interested. Our slogan; “Don’t buzz us again or your will get the CRAP kicked out of you.”

The CRA Club Jersey

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