Ahhh, Back to Racing Once Again

Tomorrow is the big day, as in the start of the Velotek Grand Prix. So in order to prepare myself I did a little easy spin for an hour and a half with some openers. After this it was time to pack the car because unfortunately I’m not as close to the course as I would like to be. This means we get to leave at 6am in the morning tomorrow for the long haul to the course. Connor Brown

First things first for tomorrow will be the prologue. The prologue starts at 8am sharp, but the problem with that is the weather will be a balmy 30 degrees that’s going to feel 28. Even though the Time Trial is really short it is going to be brutally cold, but that’s what this sport is all about, right? It’s certainly not for the weak that’s for sure.

Now once I get done with the prologue I will be hanging out with Kenny, Rick, and John to discuss our game plan for the day. The cool thing is that John is coming from Lincoln, Nebraska to race. This just shows you how important this race is here in the Midwest. Its also the last time we will be racing around here for a couple of months, so we want to leave on a good note.

So now all there is left to do for today is to get a good night sleep. For tomorrow once more I go into the fray!      

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