Here’s the Low-Down On the Action at Velotek Grand Prix Race Today

Today was the start of the much anticipated VeloTek Grand Prix. I have put a timeline together with what my day consisted of.

Connor Brown


Unfortunately, we arrived at the course pretty late today so that meant a very short warm up. I have learned as a cyclist, especially with a time trial such as this you have got to have a good warm up, otherwise it could spell disaster on your time.

So once I got done with the ten minute warm up (Usually 45 minutes) I quickly headed over to the start where I was called up. The weird thing was just before I was about to start for some reason I started to feel sleepy, I can’t really explain it, it just happened. In retrospect it was probably due to the fact that I had to get up at five fifty in order to make it to the course on time.

But once I got going I suddenly got into a rhythm, but I was just zoning out, so my body’s “auto racer” kicked in and it was like I was just sleeping almost on the bike, kind of like just being there, but not really paying any attention if that makes any sense? Then suddenly I woke up after I had crossed the line, not even huffing and puffing. It was so weird since this was the first time this hPaneraad ever happened to me. Anyway, with that I rolled back to the car were Kenny, Rick, and my Dad, and I were off to keep ourselves occupied for the next five hours that we would have to wait for our next race.

In Between Races:

So after the prologue we had a lot of time before the race. In order to keep us from sitting in a car for that entire time we decided to kick it up at the local Panera. We used this time to refill with food and discuss our game plan and talk about the news and politics, etc. It was fun to get to hang out but it sucked that we had to wait so long.

The Race:Connor Brown & Kenny Englert

Finally, it was time to race. After doing a couple of laps on the course I could tell that it was going to be a fast one. But that’s how I like them. Once the whistle blew there was action right away jumping on the second wheel we flew across the course like it was nothing. Lap after lap, attack after attack nothing was getting away, yet the group of 52 racers was whittled down to a group of just 18 racers in the main field. With one-to-go the bell was rung, and I was sitting perfectly at third position to go for the sprint. But just like that there was a huge surge with a sudden slow down right in front of me. With nowhere to go I was caught right in the middle of it. It sucked, with guys on both sides of me I couldn’t get out of the bunch, I was trapped! Anyway, that’s racing sometimes, but overall, I felt like a raced a strong race and will still be in a position for a good overall finish for the stage race.

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