A Whole Lot off Work With Not Much To Show From It This Weekend

So the road race was today and it marked the end of the Velotek Grand Prix, but it certainly ended with a bang, no doubt. The course was full of Kansas’s biggest hills which make for a more interesting ride. This being one of the first full cat 2 and 3 race series that I had done I didn’t really know what to expect for the road race. So me being me, I tried to get in every breakaway that went and sure enough that’s what I did. Velotek Grand Prix Road Race Start Cat 2/3

After the first lap I was feeling very good, but the pack was being very rambunctious. It was surge after surge, attack after attack, and oddly nothing got away not even a group of ten that should have ended it once and for all.

Once the first lap was done we got to the first hill where someone attacked, at this point I was boxed in sitting in the second row and no one even flinched. Then a rider from Gateway Harley went after him and still no one even moved. So because it was obvious pack did not want to chase, I decided to go after it.

At this time the guy between the leader and me was about 30 seconds and growing so the second I saw an opening I grabbed a gear and nailed it. Sure enough when I looked back I had torn a big enough gap that no one was going to sprint up to my wheel and sit on it. Knowing this I amped the speed up to about 30 mph and held it. Then the gap between me and the breakaway had shrunk to about ten seconds but we were fast approaching a downhill section of the course and I knew I was going to be in trouble due to my junior gears if I didn’t get to the group fast.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the group in time, I was too late. So on the downhill the pack caught me and I moved back to the second row. The funny thing was that the break I had just missed would be the one that would stay away for the rest of the race. BUMMER!

After several attempts to go with a second break, about ten kilometers out my legs were shot. So I decided I would just sit in for the end and finished with the main group and there you have it folks, that’s all she wrote.

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