My Focus Was All About Recovery Today To Prepare For The Joe Martin Stage Race

Roller and Exercise BallAhhh it’s Monday and after a long weekend of racing it’s time to relax with the day off. In order to help the legs recover I decided to put the compression socks on and lay down for the rest of the day. Not to mention the hour of Hell with the foam roller. No seriously it was pure torture for the hour that I did it. But I will admit that the legs feel way better after rolling the knots out of the legs, so it was well worth the pain.


The reason for all the recovery is for this weekend’s race; otherwise known as the infamous “Joe Martin Stage Race”. This is by far one of the biggest races of the season, and one of the races I’m really targeting to win. Joe Martin Stage Race Day

With a good result last year finishing 4th, I am really gunning for this one, not to mention that this race could make your whole season if you won just a single stage but a good result in the GC could turn you into a legend.

The cool thing is that this year the city of Fayetteville has just recognized April 25th through April 28th as Joe Martin Stage Race Days. With this immense support from the city of Fayetteville this should be one of the best Joe Martins ever and I am pumped for it.   

Anyway, as Bubba Gump says; “that’s all I got to say about that.”

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