My Day Consisted of The Shark Tank & My New Skin Suit

So I had an easy hour and fifteen minute ride today and because of the weather I decided to ride the trainer. To spin the legs out I kept the gear in the little ring and kept the cadence at no less than 100 rpm. As always I turned on the Shark Tank to keep myself enteConnor Brown's Skin Suitrtained.

Once I was done I went and tried on the new skin suit that finally came in. It had been about six weeks after we got our new kit that the skin suits came in without a butt pad. Which is pretty ridiculous if you ask me and because of this poor customer service they provide I ended up missing two time trials that I could have used it in?

But that’s Champion System for you. They have a bad habit of always over promising and under delivering. No joke, this is the second year we have used Champion System and it’s been a major screw up every year.

Last year they screwed up the zippers and the kit didn’t come back until mid-season. Then this year the kit gets delayed and comes in three weeks late. But the cherry on top was the fact that they forgot to put the butt pads in the skin suit. Really they call themselves a cycling catering company, which just makes me laugh.

After this my friend Micah and his family came over for dinner and we listened to some music. It was fun to just hang out and chill. As for tomorrow, I have an hour and thirty minute ride. Hopefully the weather will behave and I can ride outside.

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