Finally Some Decent Weather To Go With My Recovered Legs

Finally, the good weather decided to show back up today, which means a ninety minute ride couldn’t be more fun. It was a very easy ride for today due to the importance of the up and coming Joe Martin stage race, so during my ride I hooked up with my teammate Rick Krepps. We spent most of our time talking mostly about what we should do tactics wise for Joe Martin.

It’s always nice to ride with another person instead of riding by yourself as well. Being able to chat as yoVeggie Burgers and Sweet Potato Friesu ride always makes a ride a whole lot easier and more fun, not to mention all the shenanigans you can get into riding with another person.

After the ride I came home to veggie burgers with eggs and sweet potato fries. Have to say it was quite tasty! The recipe came out of my favorite cookbook The Feed Zone. If you like good healthy food I would definitely recommend picking up a copy of this book.

Joe Martin is getting closer and closer, and I’m getting more and more excited. This is truly one of my favorite races of the season. It’s an awesome course in an awesome town. So for this weekend I’m planning on eating great local cuisine and enjoying some great racing.

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