Quick Spin and We Are Off To The Joe Martin Stage Race In Fayetteville AR

Connor Brown

As I have been reporting all week, its been all about trying to recover from last weekends races and I have to be honest, I am feeling pretty good. I have a simple 1 hour ride with some openers, but due to the rain I am going to do them on my trainer and then head on out with my Dad and Rick Krepps.

I’m thinking we should be down in Fayetteville sometime around 7pm tonight where we are going to have a team dinner at noodles with Rick Krepps, Kenny Englert, a cool little Italian joint just outside of where we are staying. The bummer thing is we will not have John Frey with with us this year, he has been having some knee troubles and with a little luck will be back at it for the race in St. Louis in a couple of weeks time.

Speaking of hotel accommodations, the bummer part in bike racing is that as much as we travel, if we aren’t staying in host housing we are usually staying in motels like Travel Lodge. I don’t know why, but they seem to have found some kind of savings by cutting pillows in half. Seriously, they are like couch pillows and they suck! Someone needs to have a serious sit down with management there, because I have yet to meet anyone who thought that was a great idea. Come to think of it, I haven’t met too many people who haTravel Lodgeve actually stayed there either.

My solution…simple, I’m bringing my own pillow!

That’s the motel we are staying in on the right. Funny thing is that’s the best picture I have ever seen of that one. Now the parking lot looks more like a mine field. You need a SUV to navigate it.

Anyway, check in is between 7-10pm tonight which is when we will get our Time Trial start times. I hear that we actually have some late times, which is awesome and allows us all to sleep in. Its one of the perks to moving up in categories. Our road race will start several hours after the TT at 3pm and we will be racing 68 miles. So that’s it, its go time and I am just about as ready as I can be.

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