I wouldn’t have believed this if I hadn’t of lived it myself

Devils Den Time Trial:

 So this has been a time trial made for me. Completely up hill crazy hard, the way I like it. The weather for this was not the best we had a head wind with rain to makes things interesting. Once I started I felt pretty good and was going at a really good pace. Then it happened for some reason my big ring decided to dump on me and for the rest of the ride I couldn’t access my big ring. But the worst part was I lost all my momentum when the ring dumped the chain  Even after all this I still managed to pull out a solid time that would basically tie me for second.Connor Brown and Kenny Englert

Road Race

 Started off great I felt very good and decided that I wouldn’t animate the race until the second lap. Even though the race was constantly getting stopped and neutralized do to the cat threes playing leap frog with the masters, it was still fun.

Finally the second lap came and it was time to lock and load. I just attacked a couple of times to see what would happen. Then my attack came it was on a portion of the course that was uphill for like ten miles I went and drilled it doing about twenty six the only guy who could go with me was the Garmin development kid and he would not pull through for me. So after a really hard effort they finally brought me back but it was good because the moved dropped 18 guys.

 After another 25 miles or so we were getting down to about 15 miles out. That’s when it happened bam just like that I had no back wheel, it totally flatted. Once the wheel car finally got to me the group was about thirty seconds away from me. As the guy from the car got out and walked over I had to beg him to give me a wheel. As he finally brought wheel over I asked him if it was a junior cassette. He replied no and walked back over to the car and finally came back with a junior wheel. Then it took him two minutes to put the wheel on. He took so long that my teammate Rick came over and helped snap the wheel on.

 Now it was time to chase I went so hard my teammate just told me to go so thats what I did. As I went by the feed zone my Dad told me the group was only 35 seconds ahead. I then immediately amped the pace even more and was gaining on them. Then I came to the fork in the road and I asked them which way and the police and corner marshals told me to go straight. So I kept going and going and going until I ran into the “wall” which is one of the big climbs again and I thought to myself this cant be right so I turned around and went back to the fork in the road. This time I went the other way. But I didn’t know whether or not I was supposed to turn or keep going straight. About three more times of getting off the course I finally see the 1-2 field and I decide to follow them. At this point  I found my Dad who was basically out trying to find me since he realized I must have gotten told to go the wrong way.

 Once I finished I immediately protested that they (the cop and course marshall) had waved me through and that it was not my fault but apparently you shouldn’t listen to the police while you are racing. So no help there.

At the end of to day because of the debacle I am now thirty minutes off of the leader so I basically went from the top all the way to the bottom. I guess thats racing no matter how messed up it is.

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