If “Danger” Is Your Middle Name, Then Joe Martin Is Your Game

So what can I say about today other than it was simply the cherry on top of the cake. Literally, this race was a complete nightmare from start to finish. For a so called NRC race Joe Martin really dropped the ball.

Let me give you an example; they let cars somehow find their way onto the course in every race today, seriously? Now for those of you, who don’t race, imagine thinking you’re on a closed course and your riding as fast as you can in a very tight group of riders and by total surprise you come around a corner to find a car sitting there. Talk about a major surprise and a whole lot of $5,000+ bikes sliding all over the place… Connor Brown

Anyway, I was sitting there on the trainer watching the masters race and the entire race somehow cars were getting on the course. Not only were they on the course but they panicked and would park right in the corners, the most dangerous place for a car to be.

So for my entire 45 minute warm up I had to listen to my Dad yelling at the corner marshals to get the cars off the course. To be honest, I thought yesterday the corner marshals did a terrible job but today was the icing on the cake. Joe Martin better rethink how they did this race this year, because at this pace there going to lose a lot of racers and maybe there NRC title.

Joe Martin’s Sunday Race Recap:

Today’s race for me was to support Kenny and cover every move that would go off the front. After the debacle yesterday I was now 30 minutes off the leader, but Kenny was still sitting seventh in the General Classification which means we were still racing for a payday.

Once we finally started racing a couple of moves went and I would either pull them back or go up and sit in on them. After about twelve laps of doing this, mid pack there was a crash and unfortunately Kenny was stuck behind it. The good news is that because there was still five to go Kenny was still eligible for a free lap since they didn’t end till the fourth lap. But after Kenny made it to the pit it was the fourth lap and they would not give him a free lap. Because of this Kenny would then move down to about 25th in the GC forcing us out of the money.

When the final last lap came and I was pretty cooked from covering everything that I didn’t have much left for the sprint so I had to settle for seventh.

At the end of the day BAR Elite totally got screwed at this race losing our GC positioning and the money that would go along with it. So I really hope that Joe Martin improves from this otherwise I might be racing somewhere else next April 26.

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