Great Weather and An Awesome Loaner for Junior Nationals & The Tour of Abitibi

Today was absolutely perfect weather. Why can’t we have weather like this all the time? So with this beautiful weather I decided I would meet up with Rick, Sherry, Kelly, and Kent for a little easy ride for a little over an hour.

While I was riding Sherry informed me that I could use here Specialized Shiv for Abitibi and Junior Nats, which is super sweet because the Shiv is probably the best TT bike in the world. No doubt! So it’s really cool that Sherry is letting me use this and I’m super excited and thankful.Specialized Shiv TT

After a bit of riding we decided to stop at Bike America to fill up on water and hang out for a bit. Once we had enough of sitting around we hit the road to head over to the Tuesday night group ride. While I was there Kent showed me some cool tips on sprinting that I will be definitely using from now on.

Sadly I couldn’t stick around for the group ride due to my schedule but I had a fun time with the gang. Now that I’m home I will be doing a lot of stretching and using the roller.

This weekend I will be doing my first Pro/1/2/3 race of the season. It will be an 82 mile road race and I plan to have some fun and get some good results.

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