And There Went Spring…All 3 Days of It

Today is supposed to be the last day of the week that we are going to have nice weather. So I decided I would hook up with Rick and some guys and milk this weather as much as possible. It was a rather easy day as usual, a typical zone two kinda ride, which allows me to enjoy the ride and relax a bit.

Joe Martin Stage Race 2013

Joe Martin Stage Race 2013

So this weekend I will be riding a Pro/1/2/3 road race that will be around 86 miles. It will be interesting to see who will show up for this, due to the mystery around this race. I’ve heard rumors that this isn’t Tall Grass road race and it’s not a KBAR event either, which makes me even more curious about this race. But that’s what makes things exciting. Not knowing what you’re racing until you show up is a pretty crazy way to do it.

Junior Nationals registration has just opened up and I am very excited to be doing my first NATs this year. It will be good fun, especially since we will have a crew of three guys going down. The fact that I will have a bunch of teammates at NATs as opposed to by myself will be great. Not to mention that most juniors show up by themselves and have no one to help them. So I am definitely already coming in with an advantage and as always will be gunning for first place.

Anyway, that’s about all I got today.

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