Crazy Weather in Missouri Simply Means More Indoor Riding For Me

Is this crazy or what? Snow in May? Seriously, this has been crazy weather this year. Hopefully this is the last of winter otherwise we might be swimming in the snow this summer. With all of this crazy weather I had no option other than to hit the rollers.

Today was a very hard day I had four three minute zone five intensity intervals, which on the rollers are very hard to do. I

Winter In May, Really?

Winter In May, Really?

rarely break a sweat racing but whenever I do intervals on the rollers man I just pour out every drop of sweat my body has. So with the crazy efforts I’m looking to get some more power.

The mystery has been solved! Apparently the road race is the Tall Grass road race, which is different from the Tall Grass stage race, and it is KBAR. So even though we are having this crazy weather I believe that it will be melted by race day and that we will be having good race weather. Hopefully a lot of racers show up and make this interesting.

Tomorrow I got a pretty laid back ride. Only a ninety minute cruise, hopefully outside. But if I can’t then tomorrow I will have a date with the rollers and Sharktank.


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