A Little Sun and Some Good Food Round Out Cinco-de-Mayo

The weather was ok today much better than yesterdays that’s for sure, so it was nice to go out for a easy spin for two hours, with Rick Krepps.

While we were riding we met up with Sherry, Ricks wife at the end of her 100 mile ride. After riding a while I went my separate way to start heading home.

SKyler Mackey with Sound Pony and myself at Joe Martin

Skyler Mackey with Sound Pony and myself at Joe Martin

A little side note, a couple nights ago I took the last spacer out from my bars, so now I am much lower. After riding this way for a couple of days I really feel a lot more comfortable in the position. It pays to be aero while riding as well. So I’m very excited about sprinting in this new position and will definitely be utilizing it at my next race.

Speaking of my next race I am headed into St. Louis this weekend for the Tour De Grove. I did this race last year and had a ton of fun, so it should be exciting. The race is a cat two, three, so it should be insanely fast and furious and will definitely be a big test for me.

So for dinner tonight my parents decided to put together a Mexican dish to celebrate Cinco-de- Mayo. Which means good grub for me, especially since I had to mow the lawn today so I consider it as an award. Did I mention my dad didn’t care my legs were torched? Nope, he had me mowing anyway. Apparently, I need a new agent since this was definitely cruel and unusual punishment.

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