Going Postal…, Ahhh I Get it Now

So today was the day that we finally went and got myself a new passport in order to race in Quebec this July at the Tour de l’Abitibi . Little did I know that this would be a very long journey. The second I entered the post office, I sensed I was in some trouble and boy was a right.

On this journey I had to overcome many obstacles such as boredom, line cutters, hunger, and a need for the bathroom. All of these things would make my time there a nightmare.

We arrived at the post office at 2:30pm and was informed that the person wouldn’t be there till after 3:00. So we waited and waited until 3:00 at this time three different people walked in to get their passports.postal

Each one of them cut in front of us. The first walks up to the lady and she takes ten minutes to figure out that she hasn’t done all her paperwork and didn’t have enough money to pay for it.

The second guy walks up and he spends a good 45 minutes with the lady because he accidentally used his debit card. After 45 minutes the conclusion was that the lady would just put a line over the debit charge and that would be that.

Then we get called over by this other guy who takes my picture and then sends us back in line for the original lady. Because of this move we get put at the back of the line. Every one else would go to the lady first then get their picture, I don’t know why we were the chosen ones to get sent to the back but we were.

So after another 20 minutes of listening to this lady argue with the passport lady about why she needs to get this passport in four days because of some trip, it was finally our turn. It literally took us five minutes to get everything done. But due to the stupidity of other people it took us an hour and forty five minutes to get my passport taken care of. Quebec here I come!

After the insanity at the post office it was time for a two hour relaxing ride around Longview Lake. This ride was an easy recovery ride for the up and coming Tour De Grove, which I am excited to say that I will be getting out of school early to go to St. Louis so I can do the Friday race. This is sure to be an epic weekend of racing, so Im pretty pumped for it.

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