Good Golly Did I Get Lucky Today!

So at about 3:30pm today, I decided it was time to head out for a quick little spin with some openers to get the legs ready for tomorrow.

I decided RainbowI would head out by myself because today is a very important day and I needed to go at a very specific pace in order to get the legs in a good mode. As I was riding, about an hour into my ride, I was headed home. Then all of the sudden it started to drip on me. As I looked up I could see a very monstrous dark cloud. I was shocked to see this because an hour ago I was heading out to do my ride in perfect weather.

Now I was staring right at a beast of a storm that was approaching fast. As I headed a bit more down the road the dripping started to increase little by little. Then at about the time I started to worry, I see my Dad and Mom flying down the road and yelling Raining Bucketsat me to get in the car. At about this time the rain was starting to come down and I hurried over to the car where I jumped in Bike and all.

When we turned around to head back home, the rain suddenly began pouring buckets down. It was nuts! My Dad could barely see out the cars window to drive. So I guess I was pretty lucky to be spared from the storm, because if I would had been out there my bike would have been drenched, my phone ruined, and myself drowned in rain water or pelted with hail. So I owe my VERY, VERY, VERY NICE PARENTS a huge favor after that one. They really do rock!

Bike CleanupAfter the crazy weather we headed back to pack up the car to get ready for tomorrow’s trip to St. Louis. While we were packing my Dad completely cleaned up my bike. He literally turned my dirty Durace into a shiny masterpiece again.

Well tomorrow should be some really good fun and I get to get out of school early which is even better.

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