MO Pro-Tour de Grove: Friday Night

Just a quick update since I am bushed.

We started racing around 7:30 pm with a full field of around 90 riders. Almost from the get go I had a hunch this was going to be one of the fastest races I have ever raced. The attacks were relentless and the speed never seemed to drop below 27.5 mph. Seriously, that was our rest up a slight incline, other than that it was consistently in the low 30 mph zone.Connor Brown MO-Pro

I did manage to race at the front and managed to bridge a late break with 5 to go to no avail.

By the last corner I was locked into a terrible position, so I decided not to contest the sprint. What was the point at least from my perspective, but others didnt find it that way and the result was a mid-pack crash fest, which I barely avoided, causing me to roll in at a snails pace.

I do want to give a shot out to Michael Smith with Cycle City. Michael raced an amazing race and had an incredible attack that left the field in limbo at one point. Michael ended up making KC proud with a 8th place finish, but let me tell you, that placing doesnt really tell the whole story.

I will try and update a little later today.

One thought on “MO Pro-Tour de Grove: Friday Night

  1. Thanks for the kind words. It still amazes me how darkness intensifies the speed.

    Your bridge to the break was impressive. Could have been the winning move… Keep that winning mindset.

    Btw, I want my Main Street KOM back!

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