Here’s My Official Wrap Up of My Tour de Grove Race Weekend

I finished the Tour De Grove this weekend and had a lot of fun racing. There was a lot of racers in the cat 2-3 event, something like a hundred and fifteen, which made things pretty exciting.Connor Brown

For the Friday night race I started right on the front and had a good start. I quickly got into the fourth position on the peloton and just sat in until I would see something worth having a go at. I put in a couple attacks and got into a lot of small breaks but they all got brought back pretty quickly. With eight laps left a group of strong riders went off the front which looked like the winning move. So after two more laps I put in an effort to bridge the gap. Once I made it over I was pretty tired and needed some recovery time but it seemed as though the group just wasn’t getting organized, so the peleton brought us back with 2 to go. After that I was swarmed by the peloton due to slowing at the front of the pack and because of this I finished mid pack. At least I was able to avoid a very fast crash to make it in with my skin.

Kyle and Connor

Day two was a three corner very flat course. For a cat 2/3 there was a lot of crashes, I counted eleven but I hear there was more. Seriously, they were racing like a bunch of fast cat 5’s. At about five laps into the race I hit a pothole that would shoot my water bottle out of my cage and gave myself a minor pinch flat that I would continue to race on for the rest of the crit. In the end hydration would be the cause of me to sit in the group and just hang on and with that I finished mid pack. I still was able to go with a few moves early on in the race but with eight laps to go I was in the pack and out of gas.

Day three was a six corner course and it had a nice little hill, which would play a bit to my advantage. Sunday I had made up my mind that I was staying on the front and was going to avoid the constant surging to keep my spot. Nothing was really getting away from the main Connor Browngroup but one thing’s for sure we dropped a ton of riders throughout the race.

It was a super fast course, but once again that’s how I like it. Once we hit one to go I put in a little effort on the hill to keep my position then folded back into the fourth spot to prepare for the sprint. As we were coming into the last two corners on the long straight down hill a surge on the right would cause a crash right in front of me forcing me to hit my brakes to avoid the tarmac but costing me my key position. So when we came to the sprint I was about forty guys back but sprinted up to something like thirty fourth.

All in all I had a lot of fun and it was good to race against a large field. I was just happy that this NRC race was actually well organized, take a hint Joe Martin. Big shout out to Michael Smith for tearing it up all weekend and really representing KC.

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