Tuesday Night Worlds Was A Burner Thanks To Shadd Smith’s Smack Down

So I finally got to go and do Tuesday Night Worlds again. After a long period of big races it was good to go out and just have some fun on the bike with no pressure. Unfortunately, we had just eleven guys show up but all of which were pretty strong and could hold there own.

My plan was to get into a breakaway for this race and I knew there was going to be a separation in the group at some point due to a crazy wind that was blowing out of the east to south east.

With about two laps down I could start to see Garrick sneak his way up to the front and I had a feeling it wasn’t to pull the group. Then I saw him get in his little time trial position and try to get away. So I immediately sprinted onto his wheel and only three other guys were able to come across with Shadd.

Looking Back I could see the carnage that this move had caused. So to see what we had in the breakaway I did a little attack on the tail wind to see if we could lose a couple of guys that couldn’t sprint. After everyone got back onto my wheel I went to the back of the pack and sat in for the rest of the lap. The next time through I wanted to put in effort in on the hill where we had to deal with the wind head on to get rid of most of the guys because I felt that it would be a good move to get Shadd, Garrick, and myself alone and isolated.

So when we got to the hill I knew I had a guy on my wheel that wasn’t a very good sprinter so I knew I Connor Browncould get a pretty good initial gap by putting a good dig in. Once I started sprinting I kept driving it all the way till I got over the hill and started going down the false flat. With this I was able to keep a pretty good gap on the field and I knew that if I got to the tail wind I could increase it. Sure enough by the time I got back to the hill I had a nice gap and because I didn’t want to sit out there in the wind I would keep the same pace that we were doing before I attacked so I could recover and make everyone else work to bring me back.

Once they finally brought me back I jumped onto Garrick’s wheel and waited for the counter attack because I was pretty sure it was coming. Sure enough Garrick jumped with a vicious pop. Luckily I was ready for it and was able to keep the wheel; of course Shadd had no problem bridging the gap to Garrick and I.

After a couple of more laps Garrick finally came off of the group due to a hard tempo that Shadd was riding and some tired legs from the races this weekend which left me hanging on for dear life. Once we hit two to go I wanted to try to attack Shadd on the hill because he had been pulling so much I thought he had to be tired. But at the same time I felt a bit bad because he had toted me around for quite some time. So I decided to go for it and I gave it a good effort but Shadd would end up catching me down the road which he then would later go on to attack me into the corner and get a good gap and keep it for the win.

So at the end of the day I was second. But I was super grateful for being spared by Shadd.

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