The Search Is On For A Scooter To Motor Pace With

Well after a good effort yesterday it was time to take an easy relaxing ride, not to mention how awesome the weather has been as of late, it just makes the ride even better. Instead of heading out a bit later as I have been doing as of late I decided that I would head out a bit earlier than usual. My Dad saw how nice the weather was and decided that it would be a good day to ride, so he tagged along, but I wasn’t complaining it was nice to have some company.

After the ride I came home and did the usual stretching and a bit of ab work to keep them in check. ThenMotor Pace I came up to help my Dad in his quest for a motor scooter that has between 75cc and 150cc. After searching up and down on craigslist we found several scooters that would be good fits. So my Dad called up the seller and gave them some bids, but really didn’t come to any agreement on price, which means we must continue this quest tomorrow.

The reason for the motor scooter would be for motor pacing of course. Motor pacing is a very good tool for a cyclist for those who have never heard of it. It helps your muscles to become used to working the required amount of effort to go insane speeds. Which means when you get in a race your muscles will be more comfortable with the race speeds than they usually are.

Plus when you take the scooter in and out of corners you can practice sprinting out of corners to catch the scooters wheel. This would help in any crit race or road race in which you accelerate out of the corners making you stronger, more prepared, and spend less energy because you will be used to it. For all of these reasons I think you can see why any cyclist who wants to get faster will want to motor pace at least I do.

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