I Finally Got To Take A Run At The NW Chipman Climb Strava KOM

It finally came today, that is a shot at some more Strava KOM’s. With three intervals today it was time to unleash on some climbs. I had a few targets in mind the first being the NW Chipman Climb. My goal was to take the lead by a sizable margin, which meant I was going to have to really drill it.

As I descended down the hill to the climb all I was thinking was if I could big ring the entire climb or would I need to take it in the small ring. In order to try my luck today I decided I would do it in the big ring, go big or stay home right?Connor Strava KOM NW Chipman

So when I started up the base of the climb I wanted to carry as much momentum on the bottom to propel me to the top. At less than about 15% of the way done, all of the momentum was gone and I was left to Philippe it (Philippe it means to crush a hill in your big ring like Philippe Gilbert does on the Cauberg). Out of the saddle I drove my legs up and down and up and down to get maximum wattage to help thrust myself up the hill. Once I made it over the nasty part I was still on a false flat where I would finish the rest of my interval. When I looked at my Strava after my ride I had averaged 18 miles per hour on the climb and was the new king of the mountain. So I was pretty happy with that one.

My second interval was the Scherer Shimmy a long riser of a climb. What I didn’t know at the time was that there was a Strava segment on this road, had I known I would have put a little more into the interval, but oh well. It wasn’t until after the ride I found out there was one, so that’s cool. I did realize my interval finished 1 minute before the end of the climb, which is where my speed went from 23-24 down to 14 for the last minute. Apparently I need a little more time and I should have it in the bag.

So with that said I hit the climb and really just wanted to drive it all the way to the clearing of the forest. Once I was about half way I looked down and decided I was going to slow some and I told my body to speed it up and I went from twenty three miles per hour to twenty seven miles per hour and held the pace. Sadly I would come second on this climb but I will be back to conquer it once more.

Strava KOM Hook to SchererThe third interval would be on SE Raytown road: Hook to Scherer segment. Looking at this climb briefly before I did my ride today I saw that the current kings speed was at an average of 23.7 miles per hour. So I knew coming into this that if I wanted a good time I shouldn’t drop my speed below 24 miles per hour. Once I started down the hill a turn away from the climb I knew I was going to need a fast corner to keep a good starting speed to launch off of. Once I got through the turn with an ok speed I nailed it going between 28 and 32 miles per hour which I knew this was a good pace so once I crested the top I was pretty sure I had gotten the KOM. When I got home I looked at the Strava and there it was KOM with an average speed of twenty six miles per hour.

So at the end of today’s interval rides I was two out of three for KOM’s. So very close to getting three out of three, oh well maybe next time?

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