Awesome Weather, Great Riding, A Pig Roast & An Awesome Video To Check Out

Connor BrownThat Pretty Much Sums Up My Day Today

So today’s ride was pretty laid back. Had only 90 minutes to due at zone 2 pace, which meant my Dad was going to ride with me today. He was pretty excited because he had just downloaded Strava for the first time and had told me that he was on a mission today to win all of Strava’s KOM’s of descents. This meant for me that I would have to deal with my Dad attacking me on every down hill he could find. Pretty funny right?

After the ride it was time to get ready for a family member of mine’s graduation party. It was going to be a fun night with some good food and to get to hang out with family is always fun. The food that was served rocked they had an entire cooked pig that was being served and it tasted great. So much so that I should have gotten seconds, but thought it would probably be best that I didn’t look like a pig (no pun intended).

Click To See Video

Click To See Video

While I was there I got to meet up with Frankz Jacobsen and his wife Amy (Amy is my dad’s cousin), to talk a lot about cycling; its always fun to talk with someone who is as passionate about a sport as you are.

This definitely meant for some fun conversations and storytelling. While we were talking Frankz showed me a video of his son working out preparing for combines. Jared is basically jumping from a squatted position 52 inches above the ground and landing on top of these mats that were stacked up.

This is probably one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Jared is doing this dynamic training because he is a soon to be college linebacker, which is super cool and would only mean I will get to see him play college ball with those free tickets I know he is going to pass on to me.

As for tomorrow it should be a fun day since a friend of mine and future teammate Kyle will be coming into town to train with me for the weekend. So that’s going to translate into 4 hours of some awesome fun riding!

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