A Humid Day of Riding With A Dose of Jokes

Well today was an awesome day. I had a long three and a half hour ride to do today, but was joined by my friend Kyle and my Dad, which made the day super fun.

While we were out riding we decided to head over to Bike America to introduce Kyle to the gang and refillConnor Brown up on water. After we arrived and got some more water, we decided we would take a little chill and hang out for a bit with the guys. Once we were done and heading out to finish the ride David gave us all some new bonk breaker peanut butter jelly sandwich bars which rocked, which was pretty awesome of David Hunter!

Back on the road we were starting to mess around on the bikes and tell jokes, so the ride was full of laughter. After a few more miles my Dad decided that he would head home and let us finish the two hours we had left.

While me and Kyle were riding we started doing these little easy sprints that we would call fun jumps which was a blast and at one point on our ride some guy in a car swung out right in front of us without warning and without hesitation me and Kyle went after him coming super close to the back of his car until we both bursted out laughing.

I can say that I had a lot of fun with Kyle and my Dad and that Kyle is a great rider and can’t wait for the long years of racing with him.

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