Learned A Couple Cool Tips That Will Improve My Racing & Saw A Nasty Crash

Its Tuesday night which means it’s crit day at Tuesday Night Worlds. We got there an hour early so I could ride an hour before the race to get my ride schedule down. My Dad had to corner marshal today which meant that I would get free admission which was a plus. The only downside was that we would have to stay for the B flight race instead of heading out and getting home at a decent time, which was no biggie I just needed to get home and study a bit for the finals I have this week.

Once we got going with one lap down, Ryan decided it was time for him to put on a move. I was keeping my eye on the gap to make sure he didn’t get too far that I couldn’t bridge if needed but at the same time I wasn’t really too worried about it because I had my eyes on Shadd. Bascially, I knew if Shadd wasn’t going then I wasn’t.

The move from Ryan was pretty darn gutsy for an attack at lap one by himself and it would eventually be brought back after two or three laps; pretty hard effort by him though. Once Ryan got back into the peloton that’s when all of the chaos started to unfold. Shadd put in a good dig and I jumped onto his wheel and Kenny and a couple of other guys were on it as well but we had a bit of a gap however it looked like everyone might be getting back on, so Shadd sat up and folded back in. After a couple of other little moves I knew it was coming to a point where it would get ripped apart.

Sure enough Shadd blasted on by me and I was lucky to have Kenny there who would give me a very strong lead out to close the gap but the rest was on me. I knew that I could not miss that wheel so I sprinted and had it in my mind that I would not stop sprinting until I got to Shadds wheel. After I finally arrived I quickly got into the rotations with Shadd and we started to take more and more time on the group until we were out of sight.

Finally after a long time of trading pulls with Shadd we would here 2 to go so I wanted to make sure this time I would make a play for the corner to see if I could get a gap then burn it up the false flat. But Shadd was too strong and immediately brought me back. Then it was time for some cat and mouse with the peloton being pretty far back so we had some time to go at it.

After my attack Shadd got on my wheel and told me that “this is it you just need to learn how to win” and that this is good practice. So I would sprint side to side trying desperately to shake him off my wheel but it didnt take long to come to my senses since I knew that Shadd was way too strong for me to shake so I had to get myself in a position to be on his wheel for the sprint.

So I went to the far left to try and gutter him to come around but I finally got behind him when I made a sprint then once he was chasing after me I hit the brakes a bit too slow so he’d get in front. Once he was in front we were closing in on the finishing stretched and I was trying desperately to find a good gear to match Shadd’s powerful kick.

As I was flipping through the gears Shadd launched, seeing this I grabbed two gears super fast for the sprint but then he decelerated and I hit the breaks. Then Shadd hit the gas again but this time I was way too over geared from his initial move and I was gapped immediately for the sprint. It was a pretty cheeky move I will say, but one I will keep for myself to use and recognize for the future.

So second place will do for me today and it was pretty darn cool of Shadd to stay with me those last two laps and teach me a lesson about finishing when he could have easily just road away from me. I had a ton of fun today and learned so many new bike strategies that I will be definitely utilizing in my future races.

In the B flight today in the last lap at the sprint finish a guy went down and broke his collarbone. That’s a pretty sucky injury and a bad way to start out your race season. Reminds me of last year when I was a four and how much I have improved as a rider due to the support and coaching of others around me. #Thankful

Tuesday Night Worlds Crash

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