Kent Woermann & Andrew Lyles Already Took Advantage Of Motor Pacing Today- I’m Super Jealous!

So I had a pretty easy day of riding today. Only a zone 2 for 90 minutes, the weather today was a little iffy but it was bearable. My Dad decided he would ride with me and it was nice having the company.Connor Brown

While we were riding he told me about his first motor pacing customers.

Kent Woermann with TradeWind Energy and Andrew Lyles with Cycle City decided to jump on the opportunity to get some motor pacing in and they apparently really enjoyed it or as my Dad told me; “They absolutely loved it.”

My Dad would basically pace them around the lake on his scooter while they did intervals such as sprint work and high speed tempo riding.

What I was told was the speed work had some very quick benefits for both riders; smoothing out their cadence/revolutions while working their watts and cardio.

At the end of the ride they apparently both not only really enjoyed it but both could testify to the power of motor pacing.

If you are looking to improve on your speed or maybe just want to see why all the pro’s do it, give my dad a call at 816-785-3664.

motor pacing

So with that said I can’t wait to try it. I’m already having my coach start to incorporate it into my training and he’s told me that motor pacing would be the icing on the cake before Nationals and the Tour of Abitibi.

Its pretty cool that my Dad’s passion for cycling could help all of us get faster and take our racing to another level.

So tomorrow I have a couple of intervals and I’m trying to figure out a good Strava KOM that I would like to get. This is why Strava is so fun because it makes your boring intervals into race scenarios and almost time-trial like events. So its safe to say that I am having fun with it (Strava) and would definitely recommend it to any endurance athlete to use it (primarily runners and cyclist because that’s the only two settings).

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