Wow.., Awesome Day to Ride & A Win for Bike America Elite Development at Snake Alley

I had a long day of riding today (3 hours and 30 minutes zone 2). Have to say the weather was perfect today I absolutely love warm weather, but could do without the headwind for an hour.

I would much prefer it be hot than cold any day of the week, so when I saw the weather today I wanted to ride pronto.

I started my ride with one lap around the lake with my Dad. Nothing hard just a easy steady pace. Once we finished we came inside and ate my Moms rocking tuna salad. After the delicious bite I went back out to finish my ride.

This time I decided I would head over to Kansas to ride Mission Road. Due to the nice variety of climbing on the route, it would mix things up for me a little bit and give me a nice change of scenery.

Going easy with a head wind it took me an hour to do the route but when I turned around and went the opposite way it took me like 30 minutes. That’s the mighty Kansas wind for yeah though. Because I still had some time on my hand I took a jog around Grandview to max out my scheduled time.

Once I got back I relaxed with the family for the rest of the day. We watched a movie and ate a delicious steak/roast meal.

I do want to give a big shout out to John Frey. John is my teammate from Nebraska who put on a clinic with the Cat 4’s today at Snake Alley in the pouring rain, taking first and making the team look very good. That will be Johns last Cat 4 race weekend. He will officially be a Cat 3 “Big Dog” come Tuesday.

Bike America Elite Development

John Frey (Standing Far Right)

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