Used Motor Pacing To Hit 47mph for My Sprint Today…Now Thats Was Cool!

Today was the day…my first time motor pacing with (my dad) and tagging along with me to give it a try was RickRick Krepps Motor Pacing Krepps.

I met up with Rick at about one in the afternoon and we rode easy in zone two for about an hour before we would meet the “moto-man” (my dad) at Gustos to start the motor pacing.

Right before he arrived David Hunter and his fiance Tes showed up and decided that they would be our follow car; talk about pro treatment right? I’m getting pretty spoiled when it comes to this kind of treatment.

Once my Dad arrived and gave us the low down we were off. It was pretty cool just sitting behind him doing an easy thirty miles per hour. Rick wanted to try a sprint and after one kick it pretty much cooked him pretty good.

That just shows you how good the training is for you though. By lap two Rick had settled in pretty good and was getting use to the high cadence. Me on the other hand being used to spinning my junior gears had no problem with this.

So I decided that I would start to try a couple of sprints. After the first one was done and I folded back in I noticed how much better and faster I could sprint once I was up to thirty five, so I did a couple of more tries and the fastest that I got my sprint up to was about 47 miles per hour.

Once we finished up my Dad motor paced me home. So all in all I can totally see the benefits of training like this and can’t wait to do more of it because there is no doubt this is what will turn you into an absolute beast.

Jonathan Laurans Porche CaymanAfter I got home my good friend (my dad’s best man in his wedding) Jonathan Laurans stopped by to hang out for a bit. While he was here he gave me my new cycling magazines that I love to read and he showed us his new Porsche Caymen, which was so cool and it was in bright yellow now that’s a cycling car for yeah.

At about the time Jonathan took off David and Tes came over for a memorial day BBQ. Have to say when my Dad and David cook it’s like a magical experience. Just loads of good food and everything was great as well; not a single thing was wrong.

So after the fun dinner and everyone left it was time to wind down and just relax after the fun hard day of riding.

I would definitely recommend motor pacing to anyone it will make you a BOSS.

motor pacing

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