We Had A Special Guest Tonight at Tuesday Night Worlds & Fresh Off An Afternoon Nap

Well once again I got to test my luck against the guys at Tuesday Night Worlds.

We had a special guest tonight apparently drug out from his afternoon nap by Shadd; the world famous Bill Marshall. With Bills presence I knew this would definitely prove to be an interesting race.Connor Brown

Accompanying me today was my teammate Kenny Englert and believe me when I tell you its always nice to have someone there to help you out.

After my hour pre-race ride which is an hour or so before the race we got things started via the neutral start onto the course. Right from the gun Bill launched and me being me I was definitely on the move to go with him so I sprinted up to him taking the rest of the peloton with me.

After a couple more moves Shadd decided it was time for him to go so knowing that he was the wheel I wanted I sprinted to him once again with the peloton right behind me.

Then after Shadd and Bill going and me dragging the peloton up to them I decided to lay off and see what was next. This time it was Ryan Kelly who decided to go and for some reason nobody wanted to chase him or go after him. So after he got out to a sizable gap Shadd put the kibosh on it and brought it all back.

Knowing that everyone was tired from bringing Ryan back I decided it was time to give it a go myself.

So I used Ryan as my sacrificial lamb and got a good gap. Once I was away from the peloton I knew that I was going to need to keep the speeds high if I was going to keep the gap. So after about two laps of this and keeping a nice gap, it was time for three to go. Hearing the sound of this ring in my ears I upped my tempo even more and put in a good dig.

Unfortunately with two to go, Shadd had brought me back and had a couple of friends following him to make us a five man group in total who had split from the rest of the peloton to duke it out for the finish.

After trading pulls for a lap we got to a point were nobody was wanting to step up to the plate and take a pull. So after jockeying around a bit we finally got to the last corner where I decided I had put in a dig right before to see if I could get away but Shadd said no dice to it and quickly caught my wheel.

So for the sprint I was in the front (not where I should have been), and sprinted but was pipped at the line for fourth. I almost was beat by Keith today but by throwing my bike across the line I was able to keep it.

After the finish Bill gave me some really good tips and encouragement on how to race. So I just need to learn the jedi mind tricks of cycling if I ever want to beat Shadd. I know its going to take a lot of skill, brains, and strength in order to beat the guy who knows every trick in the book.

Lastly, I want to thank our corner marshals for taking such good care of us. Thank you Mr. Englert for taking your free time to make sure we have a safe race. Your the bomb! FYI- It sure looks like a lonely gig if you ask me.

Jeff Englert


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