Tomorrows the Impromptu “Longview Circuit Race” Starting at 9:00am- Its Free, So Go Race!

Ok, not much to really talk about today other than the fact that I had a very easy day, with only a zone 2 for ninety minutes. So it was really just a little jog around the lake for me.

The weather has been so crazy for the past few days it rains all night and I mean some serious down pours up until late morning then it beginscloud to clear up and its beautifully sunny for the rest of the day. With a little luck if its going to keep raining like it has been it will keep doing what it has.

I did get some bad news today when my coach put the kibosh on the Longview circuit race Kent Woermann is putting on this weekend due to the fact that he didn’t want me to risk an injury right before selection camp.

His reasoning was due to the fact the last time I came to camp I had double dose of road rash and a head cold. So I think I can do without the race this weekend, which in fact is coming up this next week and I am super excited for it.

This year I will be able to bring in carbon wheels as opposed to my training wheels as we duke it out for the top spots.

So for tomorrow I will have a long three and a half hour ride. Should be good fun, maybe I’ll see if somebody wants to ride with me?

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