I Was In St. Louis Today Watching the Cardinal Game

Just a fast blog since it’s like 1:30am and we just got home from St. Louis.

I got to go in and see the Cardinals play today with my dad and Grandpa, but mainly because my cousin John who just turned 5 was going to his first Cardinals baseball game and what’s so cool about it is he got to walk the field before the game with his baseball team.Connor Brown

The priceless moment of the entire game was when the Cards hit a homer and my cousin couldn’t believe all the excitement. If only we had a picture of his face when the crowd jumped up and went crazy and the fireworks went off, truly priceless.

It was definitely an awesome time and a great way to spend the day off my bike.

As a side note, when it comes to traveling my dad showed me a trick he learned from his hockey days when they traveled around by bus all over the country and that was using compressions socks to eliminate what he called “dead legs” or “travel legs”.

The socks which I use come all the way up to the top of the thigh and keep the circulation pumping to my heart while sitting for a long period of time. I think my dad said they cost around $50.00, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt they work and they work big time!

Anyway, there’s a great tip for all you racers out there that travel around and fight that crappy feeling of heaving legs after you get out of the car from a long drive.

Off to bed, see you out on the roads tomorrow!

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