Im As Tired of the Rain As Much As My Dad is Tired of Replacing My Chains

Well today was pretty simple for me; I basically woke up late after staying up till one thirty in the morning last night and rolled out and headed straight to the bike shop since we had to go and pick up my bike at Bike America.

I had left my bike over there so Kevin could tinker with my wheels and cables and put a new chain on it. It’s hard to believe that I am going through a chain every 30 days, oh well I guess.

After we got back I cooked myself some lunch and waited for the rain to move out and the roads to dry out. After about an hour after lunch the roads were starting to clear up so I headed out for my ride.

Caught Working On My Blog

Caught Working On My Blog

It was a bit of a harder ride today due to the fact that I had some intervals and I wanted to do them on super difficult climbs in order to prepare myself for my up and coming camp, which I know for a fact that they will be utilizing Flagstaff’s awesome mountains for some good testing.

As I was riding it started once again to sprinkle on me but nothing serious enough that I wanted to go inside and wait a bit longer. So for the rest off my ride I had to deal with some “water boarding” torture which is basically having to deal with the periodic drip of rain splat smack me right in the face.

Towards the end of my ride I decided to go ahead and do some hill repeats on this steep hill thats in my neighborhood for about a thirty solid minute of effort.

Then after the ride and some good stretching I headed out to Mia Ranchito with my fam, to see our good friend Jonathan and talk some cycling for the rest of the evening.

After that it was time to sit down and relax and type up the blog.

If anyone went out and did Tuesday Night Worlds, leave a comment and tell me how it went. I would imagine it was pretty awesome with Tulsa Tough being this week. On second thought it will probably make me really jealous since I didn’t get to race today.

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