After the Rain It Was Time For A 2 Hour Recovery Ride with an Hour of Easy Motorpacing

So today started really early for me since my Dad woke me at 8am to try and beat the rain that was supposedly coming at eleven. So me being me, I jumped out of bed and rushed to the kitchen to eat my breakfast so that I could leave by 9 for my two hour ride.

NW Chipman Rd Climb

NW Chipman Rd Climb

But wouldn’t you know it, right as I was just strapping on my helmet I started to hear something; Pat! Pat! Pat! I looked out the window and it started pouring down in buckets. I was pretty bummed that I didn’t make it but was happy that I didn’t go five minutes sooner, otherwise I would have been drenched.

After it was apparent I wasn’t going to be riding until later my Dad decided that he wanted to go by the bike shop and buy me some knee warmers. I guess he finally broke down since I was going to be up in the mountains and its rather chilly in the morning there.

After we got back I just chilled for a couple of hours and noticed that the rain was dying down and eventually stopped to a slight sprinkle. Seeing this I decided it was time to embark on my ride. So I headed out on my journey. On my way I covered some good climbs that I like to do for climbing form practice.

But after an hour of riding I met my Dad, who had just finished motor pacing John, in order so that I could get a recovery spin around the lake in at pack speed. Its a great way to get the heaviness out that your legs feel after hard intervals the day before and its even better since your training your body to do zone 2 rides at 26-28mph.

Once we did a lap I noticed it was getting to that time were I needed to start heading home so I parted ways with Dad and John. Shortly after that my Dad came hustling up and caught up with me at the top of Main Street to ride home together.

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