Last Full Day Before I Leave for the USA Selection Camp for The Tour of Abitibi

Last day before I leave for selection camp so I made sure to sleep in until noon and then after lunch I headed out for my ride.

For today’s ride I had a couple of intervals that I needed to do. My scheduled intervals were more long endurance type of intervals so they ended up consuming most of my ride. I also planned on doing them into the headwind today in order to make it as hard as possible for myself, kind of a last big effort to blow the lungs out and see how the legs felt. IMAG0427

After I finished my ride it was time to pack everything to get ready to go tomorrow. There is just so much stuff that I need to bring for seven days of camp. Anything from wheels to supplements and even winter gear; just so much stuff. My kit alone is hard to fit into my suitcase along with my regular clothes.

Typically though I will feel a lot better once its all done and were on our way.

I still have one more ride before leaving tomorrow which will be a two hour ride before we drive so that should be exciting, especially since I will be in a car for 18+ hours. But its all good since I can’t wait to get into Arizona so we can get this show started.

Good luck to everyone going to the Tulsa Tough its a awesome race and I wish I could have gone. Definitely one of my favorites that I have done with the high-light being Cry-baby Hill.


One thought on “Last Full Day Before I Leave for the USA Selection Camp for The Tour of Abitibi

  1. Connor,
    Best of luck…you are doing what you love!! Uncle Larry and I are so proud of you!
    Love, Aunt Pat

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