I Had A Solid Day of Racing Today But Its All About Tomorrows Tests and Race To Seal The Deal

Today was all about doing a couple of short flat TT runs (which everyone came in within seconds of each other) and then after lunch we headed out for the crit race.

Connor O’Leary with Bontrager Cycling Team was my teams Captain today. He is here helping out which is pretty cool and to have him giving us racing advice is even cooler. Anyway, he decided that the plan would be to work for two of our teammates who needed a good result today, so that’s basically what we did.  

The racing was crazy aggressive and super fast.

It didn’t take long before I put in my fast attack to shake thing up and it didn’t take much longer after that before I did it again. At that point the race got very intense and we had our first legitimate break off the front shortly after that. With about 5 to go the pack worked hard to bring the break back which at that time my teammate gave me the look to hit the gas again and see if we couldn’t seal the deal.

It looked like it was going to work and we timed it just right, but the person doing the lap counting miscounted and instead of having 4 to go, we actually had 5 which resulted in what was left of the pack catching my teammate with just a little more than half of lap to go, at which point the sprinters hit the gas and tried to end it for the rest of the guys.

That left me with my other teammate who was our other option today to try to set up for the win stuck with a small gap to bridge, so I hit the gas and brought him up to the sprinters, but unfortunately, he just didn’t have the kick needed to close and he ended up I believe 4th or 5th.

As for my race, I felt very good and did what I was told to do so I can’t be upset about it at all. In the end I finished 8th, but had an awesome time racing.

Tomorrow we have a long rolling TT in the morning which I am looking forward to.

My plan is to try and take it since its long and hard. After lunch we will do our crit and I think I will have some free reign to shake things up so we will have to see how things go from there. To end the day they will have team announcements for Quebec and a few more meetings and exit interviews.

All in all its been an incredible experience and I have learned a ton more about nutrition, hydration and what I need to know about PEDS and what to look out for. Ill try and put out one more post before heading back home to KC.

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