That’s It For Camp; I Finished In The Top 5 Overall, But Had To Settle for The “B” Team For Quebec

Well, USA Selection Camp is all over here in Flagstaff. It was crazy fun and when I get back I will definitely fill in the details but all in all it was an awesome experience racing with the best juniors in the country and competing for the coveted spots to represent the U.S in Quebec.

Today started out with a long TT before lunch and it was definitely a power course. Slight rollers and a slight false flat to contend with so my whole strategy was to keep the tempo high and hope the power horses would lose some steam towards the end allowing me to make up some time that they would most likely gain on the front side of the TT. In the end I finished 6th overall which was something I can be happy about for sure.

After lunch we had our last crit of the camp and we had a solid plan to mix it up from almost the beginning. The funny thing was so did 3 other guys as well, which made it very hard from the gun. There was a group of 3 that attacked and at first it looked like a sucker play, but then all of a sudden it began to look like it had a real shot so before it got to far away, I hit the gas and bridged up to it. We were off the entire time with a late counter move coming from 4 other top racers that decided they better get in the move themselves or it was all over.

With about 2 to go the 4 finally made the bridge bringing one of my teammates with them, which was good since I was putting in some serious pulls trying to make it work. With 1 to go two guys on the same team attacked and it was a solid move with no one left to really give the chase so my teammate decided he better hit the gas and go taking one other guy with him.

It was definitely my plan to go too, but if I made the effort I was going to be bringing the other racers with me, so I shut it down and took a back seat until the sprint. My teammate took 4th and I won the sprint with the other three guys to take 6th. For me, it was a ton of fun and I got to race aggressive, so I was pretty excited about that.

In the end, the good news is I finished in the top 5 of all the riders at the camp but they decided to pick two guys over me to fill the 6 spots on the “A” team who have more experience at the international level since they are already on the national team and have been to Quebec before. But the good news I made the “B” team anyway so its here where I will get my experience and I will obviously make the most of it.

The cool part is the talent was so good that they decided to send 3 teams in total to represent the U.S. in Quebec so you can only imagine how good the squad is going to be for the race.

Anyway, its time to pack and do some exit interviews. Ill see everyone at the Tour of Kansas City next weekend!

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