Here’s the Lowdown On The US Selection Camp And How It All Shook Out; Its All Fantastic!

So the past week that I spent in AZ was awesome. I had just a ton of fun riding with the best juniors in the nation. Although the beds and pillows at Northern Arizona University aren’t the most comfortable things in the world, its an absolute awesome campus.

It was so cool riding in Flagstaff seeing mountains all around us in the background. One of the places that we were doing a race was surrounded by mountains including Snow Bowl on each side of the course which made for a very cool racing scenery.Flagstaff Snow Bowl

Now I will say that I wish Flagstaff would work on there pavement problems its been a whole year since the last time I was there and its only gotten worse. Everywhere that we would need to get to we would have to go over the roughest pavement on the planet. Not only does it beat up the bike but really cakes the thing in dirt.

So on the last day at camp all I had left to do was an exit interview.

During the interview I was asked what I liked about the camp and what I think they could improve on and the only thing I could think of was giving us a day to blow our lungs out at altitude before our first time trial but that was it.

After talking about that they told me about my performance. They said that they were very impressed at how fast I have adapted and grown in the sport since this is only my second season of racing. Then we talked a bit about the teams and they said that they wanted the A and B team to be as balanced as possible and that they wanted to put me on the “A Team” but they needed a work horse instead of a GC contender.

So because they didn’t want me to be a bottle shleper or one of their other GC contenders to be a bottle shleper they had decided they wanted me to be on the “B team” so I could go for the win. They also told me about how even the A and B teams are and that they were trading people in and out until they found something they liked. They said that we had so much talent here that this was the first time that they were going to take three teams instead of the two. So at the end of the day the US will be sending three teams to Abitibi this year.

As for today, I had a two hour easy spin to wake the legs up after the long drive. So I met up with Rick for a cruise. Once there he showed me the TT bike that he was going to let me use and it is sweet! Its super fast too, you can do high twenties on it not even trying.

While we were riding we stopped by the shop and David hooked me up with a quick thirty minute test run with the new Cannondale Evo and I have to say that it is a rocket. I could feel the stiffness so much that I felt as though I wasn’t losing any power in the pedal transfer. The result is that your speed would just explode every time you would jump out of the saddle or amp the pace up a bit.

Lets not forget about the Di2 electronic shifting as well, it is just insanely cool. It has this feature that when you cross chain it will automatically adjust so that there is no rubbing whatsoever, plus you will never drop a chain with this bad boy. All in all it’s a great bike.

So this weekend I have the Tour of KC and its going to be so much fun. I just can’t wait to start racing again. Last year I had a blast and this year should be even better so definitely come down and race or watch.

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