Recovering Today for Tuesday Night Worlds and then Tour of KC This Week

So today was my day off as usual I needed to get some important things done; things such as getting my UCI licence ordered and booking my flight to Canada.

But after I got that out of the way it was time to get my race kit washed and ready for Tuesday night crits tomorrow.TT Bike

As always its going to be a ton of fun tomorrow, plus its going to help reopen my legs for the Tour of KC, which I might add will be cool because we’re going to have the whole gang here for the race. With John coming in it’s going to be a fleet of juniors ready to kick some overconfident sketchy adult racers butts.

Enough of that, with the rest of my day I dialed in the TT bike. Its a freaking rocket! I don’t know if I have ever seen something as fast as that. It was born to go fast and win races and thats just what I plan on doing with it.

So it seems like for the next few weeks that my schedule is packed with racing and thats what makes me happy. I get to go from The Tour of KC to Tour of Lawrence to Junior Nationals, and then to Abitibi right after that, now thats freakin awesome!!



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