Bummer About Worlds Tonight…Who’s Racing The Tour of KC?

We ended up giving the Tuesday night Worlds a shot tonight, but ended up bailing when it started to rain and lightning. I was pretty bummed out since its one of my favorite things to do during the week, but oh well, right?

I was basically preparing myself all day for Tuesday night worlds and the second we get there like I just mentioned is it starts to rain so we sat there for a bit and waited…and waited…finally my Dad and I decide that we better start heading home and that I might be able to catch a Lees Summit group ride, but wouldn’t you know it, the second we hit the highway we were greeted graciously with 5:55pm traffic. We just couldn’t catch a break!

Tour of KC Starts This Friday!

Tour of KC Starts This Friday!

I’ll tell you something else, if I have learned one thing today it’s how stupid other drivers in KC. I literally felt like I was stuck inside a zoo that let all the animals out of their cages. It was complete chaos.

People would be pulling out into on-going traffic and barely miss getting hit as the car that is trying to dodge it goes flying into the other lane almost causing a huge pile up.

Its like all the sudden because we have a cloud over us that people forget how to drive.

Even worse was once we were a mile away from the house we looked back over to where the crit was and it was clear. You could see that it just got out of the cloud and was crystal clear fifteen minutes before race time. I was so mad that we called it off but there was no turning around.

So the next issue was whether or not it was actually going to rain over here, so I decided not to take a chance and decided to go ahead and ride the roller.

The worst part was is that it barely even rained in our area, so basically this entire day was wasted due to Missouri and Kansas bipolar weather. Sheesh!

My plan is that I am  going to make up for my lost race workout tomorrow morning around 8:30am with some speed work via motor pacing with my dad.

I will more than likely do just over an hour of motor pacing and then head back home in order to ride later in the afternoon with Rick for an easy hour and a half. After that we are going to meet up with Kent Woermann around 6:15 and go pre-ride the Friday night crit course to get a good idea of what to expect.

Tour of KC

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