Previewed Friday Nights Tour of KC Course This Evening

Well today was a very interesting day for me.

I started bright and early with an hour and a half of motor pacing, because I missed my race yesterday due to the rain, so I really needed to get in some good race like efforts. Unfortunately, I am not the best morning person and brainlessly ate a big bowl of cereal right before I left for motor pacing. This clearly was a terrible thing because after the first effort I could start to feel my “calco crunch” and “rolled oats” start to creep its way back up.

Feeling this way I was not in the preferred condition to do race efforts but still pushed through any ways. But at the end of the ride I was happy to be able to get some race simulations in.Connor Brown, Kent Woermann, Kelly Skinner

After that I came back home and ate a lite breakfast and then switched some tread on my wheels and headed out for another hour, before I would meet up with my Dad, Kent, and Kelly at Gustos Coffee Shop to head over to Cliff Drive to see the course for Friday nights race.

Once I was done with my hour, which all I did was laps around the Tour of KC Saturday course, I rendezvous with the gang and headed out to cliff drive.

When we finally arrived we unloaded the bikes and set off to preview the course. On the first time through there was a bit of confusion and we ended up scrambling around a couple of times, but when we finally got through the course once we were pretty familiar with it.

After a couple of more laps we came to the decision that the course was to dangerous to do. The reason being is that there was a metal sheet placed right in the middle of the fastest and most dangerous turn on the course, not to mention that it was the last turn to the scheduled finish.

For this reason we had to call up all the chiefs in charge and figure out how to fix the course.

While this was going down Kent and I decided to play around on the old Cliff Drive hill and did a couple of fun lead outs and sprints up it.

At the end of the day I had a lot of fun and can’t wait to race this weekend at the Tour of KC!

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