Coolest Bike Fitting Ever With the Master Zen of TT’s-Steve Auchterlonie

So today was a pretty interesting day. It started out with my easy recovery ride, which was not made to easy due to the ferocious wind we had today, but I will say that after I was able to get my openers in I felt pretty good in the legs.

Once I was done with my ride I just chilled out and waited for Steve Auchterlonie to come over to help me us with fitting the new TT bike. Steve is a freakin genius when it comes to the science part of fitting in order to get extra mph’s.Connor Brown TT

When he finally arrived and started explaining all of the crazy things that he knows about TT bikes, I instantly knew that this was going to be a very cool guy to know. He started to throughout watt numbers that he calculated from my Joe Martin time trial in his head and was able to get a rough estimate of what I could hold for an hour. That just blew my mind seeing him calculate all of the speeds and power per second was very cool.

Then he started fitting me, he took all sorts of measurements from my road bike and converted it into a cool equation to compute how that would look on a TT bike, which is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

After he transferred all of the measurements it was time to hop on. One of the cool things that Steve was able to show me was where to put your aero helmet for maximum areoness then once I started getting the pedals pushing I knew right away that this was a winner.

So I am super excited to take the TT out for some practice and really appreciate what Steve did for me today. It wasn’t just the fit that was so cool, but the wealth of knowledge that he had to offer that was mind blowing.

Connor Brown Sushi Time

After that me and my Dad went out for some great sushi at a local restaurant. Theres nothing better than going out and eating sushi after talking about bikes for a couple of hours.

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