Quick Wrap Up On The Last Day of The TKC

Well I thought I would give everyone quick update before I call it a day. My plan is to give my full summary of the Tour of KC weekend tomorrow which is my rest day.

The plan for the day was for my team and I to try and control the front today and lay down some wood when it looked like everyone was tiring out especially since it worked out pretty well for us yesterday.Bike America Elite Development Team

Right from the get go we were at the front doing exactly what we had planned.

I personally was using my HED 3 wheels today do to the course being very wide and flat, but it turned out it probably wasn’t the wheel of choice based on the fact we did so much slowing and jumping. They were just to heavy to sprint from slow speeds with.

I basically figured that out after going with a couple of moves early on, but all in all I just wasn’t too aggressive today.Typically I do a lot of attacks but this weekend I wanted to wait till the end.

The point of my change in tactics is that I’m trying to find that happy medium between aggressive and smart racing.

TKC-For those who weren’t there today the race came down to a sprint which was fine for me.

I was pretty well positioned and honestly had this race in the bag from where I was sitting coming into the last corner that is until two guys decided that they were going to have to make a crazy dive to the inside at the last second and at the speed we were moving at they had no other way through that corner  other than to go wide to the outside which almost caused me to wreck since that was my line and I might add the correct line.

So one second I’m sitting second wheel looking to launch and the next I am hitting the breaks trying to stay up and off the back of the guy in front of me. That stupid move caused me to lose 4 spots, which meant I had to hit the gas from 20 mph instead of 30.

At the end of the day I finished fourth and pick up some more money for my teams pot.

If your wondering where the two guys finished, well that little move earned them 1st and 2nd, so I guess it paid off for them, but it certainly didn’t make them any friends in the peloton today, thats for sure, but hey we are all working on our craft so we learn as we go and no one got hurt, so its all good from my standpoint.

Besides I like one of the guys too much to be pissed and I suspect we will be racing together for a long time, so he owes me one now.

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