As Promised- Here Is My Full Summary of the Tour of Kansas City Race Weekend

Well as promised here is the summary of the weekend.

Race number one: This one was the only one that was actually in Kansas City.

Bullet casings at TKC Crit Course

9mm Bullet Casing

Although it was in Kansas City it wasn’t exactly in the nicest area. I’m calling it “The Rags to Riches Race”.

The course would start up over by the museum were all the nice houses were, then you would head down this straight away into the first round about which lead you into a rough area of the town, so much so that my Dad said that when he went down to blow the corners he found syringes and bullet casings. I thought he was making it up until I got on the course and found some bullet casings in turn seven.

But enough about the course lets get into the race itself.

Our game plan going into it was that we were going to wait until half way into the race before we would start animating it, but I got a little carried away due to the fact that everyone was telling me that this is a course were a breakaway of one or two guys could work, and got scared of missing the move and decided instead that I would go with a lot of moves.

Eventually I would work my way into two good moves with myself and one other rider, but it turned out that the rider who would come with me would fall off due to the pace that I wanted to hold up the false flat sections of the course.

I knew that I was going to half to take time on the group some place and to me it only made sense to do it on the false flat coming back to the start/finish. So because the guys would fall off I thought it would be best if I didn’t do too much work before the finish so I would shut it down just in case I did do all the work and they ended up catching me at the end leaving me with nothing in the tank for the sprint.

Thats Joe and Brian killing it on Friday night in the Pro,1,2 event

Thats Joe and Brian killing it on Friday night in the Pro,1,2 event

After a couple more attacks we finally heard one to go at which point OKC Velo was on the front setting up their lead out train and with all the turns it was hard to gain spots and move up but luckily I would eventually get up to the top seven.

Then it happened, they had launched their spring from the round about and had one of their guys blocking with their three guys getting through however I eventually got around him and started to catch up with the guys who got the jump on us but I wasn’t going to catch them before the finish.

So I ended up fourth but made good money for that race, so I wasn’t going to complain.

Race number two: Sarurday was a very hard course, probably the hardest of the three.

We knew coming into it that if we could control the front of this group we could get a good result.

The course was pretty narrow in a couple of places which meant that if we could send a guy up the road we could block for him.

So once we got going all of our guys took their spots in the top ten. There was a lot of early little moves but nothing was going to get away. not with the wind we were contending with.

With about twelve laps to go I started to try and animate things but I was heavily marked by my fellow racers. So when the prime lap was called we sent our teammate John up the road after it.

Once he went I immediately got to the front and shut things down. That gave him just enough of a gap that when they started after him they couldn’t catch him in time for the prime.

Shortly after that a lone flyer got off the front with nine to go. We didn’t think much of him because he was a lone rider and I didn’t know him very well, but he soon started to get a good gap and it was starting to look like we made a serious mistake.

I tried a couple of times to bridge but I would be hunted down by the peloton every single time I jumped, so I decided not  to give everyone a free ride.

After a couple of more laps I didn’t want him to get away so I put in one more good dig after him. I had a good gap on the peloton and was closing in on him but once again these guys didn’t want me to get away from them so the eventually they worked their way back on.

After that the guy was only ten seconds out and it was one to go. I saw Kenny sneak to the front with John and I knew that Kenny was going to attack.

The second he hit it we had just entered another narrow section and me and John got right to the front and shut it down. Everyone had been so fixated on me that they forgot to think about my other teammates.

Kenny would go on to catch the solo guy and crush him by a huge margin in the sprint it was a job well done.

It was cool to see that our team full of juniors could out strengthen and outsmart all these men; it was picture perfect.

Race number three: This was a very flat course with wide turns in downtown Lees Summit.

It was pretty much a sprinters course because it was so flat but I thought it actually had potential for a break away. My Dad had convinced me to use the HED 3 which are just smoking fast wheels, but they weren’t meant for this race.Connor Brown

The wheels are good when you are keeping high speeds and are good to sprint on when you are already going fast, but this race was very start-stoppy or what we like to call argy-bargy which meant that I would have to sprint at low speeds with this wheel. This meant that I was going to do a lot of work with heavier wheels than I was used to and because of this I just wasn’t feeling the wheels were going to work to my advantage like we thought.

But to some this race up, no one was getting away and it came down to a sprint on the last lap.

As we were coming into the last corner two guys, who would go first and second, dove into the inside corner somewhat taking me off my line and causing me to hit the brakes when they came out out of it wide; almost taking out everyone on the outside.

As I mentioned I had to hit my brakes to avoid going off the course and then had to amp myself back up to sprint from six or seventh place back to take fourth just missing out on third.

I was pretty pissed, but you know what, it was a pretty gutsy move that paid off for the two, so thats how they roll sometimes.

All in all had a lot of fun and made a lot of money.

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