Bags, Horns & The Tour of Lawrence

Today I only had a two hour ride at zone two. I thought that this would be a good ride to hook up with Rick, so I met him at the top of Highgrove hill.

With about ten minutes into our ride Rick see’s some bag on the side of the road and comes to a screeching stop, he then turns around without even checking and just barely avoids getting hit by a car and he then sprints over to the dirty bag and snatches it off the ground.

Rick Krepps

He was so thrilled with his find saying; “its a Crown Royal bag.” I looked at him like he was crazy and told him he stopped our ride for that cruddy bag? He then went on to try and explain how another rider might of had that bag and dropped it and it could of had spare tubes in it and if I would of flatted he would gloat about his fantasy tubes. Hmm.

After listening to this nonsense we finally arrived at his mother in-laws house where we would stop to make sure that she had recorded the Tour de France for him. Once we were done with that we headed over to the bike shop to see if David was there.

When we arrived I noticed that they had gotten new horns and bells for bikes. So I grabbed the biggest horn and just started blasting it.

It was awesome I’m thinking about buying it for the Tour of Lawrence so I could blast it at riders in front of me and scare the crap out of them.

Speaking of the Tour of Lawrence, this is an awesome race that if you’re a rider I would definitely recommend doing. Even if you just came down to spectate it would be worth your time.

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